Arrangements for Classical Guitar/Mezzo Soprano

Cat & Jeff Arrangements: Book I
By Jeff Olson

  1. Faire Sweet Cruell, by Thomas Ford (e minor. Range: E to D)
  2. Cupid Flies Away (L’Amour s’envole), French Bergerette (e minor. Range: E to G)
  3. In Sherwood Lived Stout Robin Hood, by Robert Jones (D Major. Range: D to B)
  4. Jack and Joan, by Thomas Campion (D Major. Range: D to B)
  5. Whither Runneth My Sweetheart, by John Bartlett (E Major. Range: B to E)
  6. Why Dost Thou Turne Away? By Giles Earle (E Major. Range: E to C#)
  7. Seguidille from Carmen, by Bizet (b minor—original key)

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